The repair of the Tunas cinema is in the final stage of the investment process.

The Tunas Cinema-Theater is in the final stage of a capital repair after several months of intervention in this gigantic facility, the most important cultural center in the eastern province of Las Tunas.

Painter Jarol Rodríguez

Jarol Rodríguez is a simple young man; he speaks eloquently and passionately about his dreams and is always working on some project. Perhaps because of this reason, and because talent and dedication are usually the perfect marriage, he has been noticed for some time now by his contemporaries for the maturity of his work.

The 2023 Ítalo Calvino Prize was awarded to Carlos Esquivel.

With his novel La Tumba del Erizo (The Hedgehog's Grave), the prominent Las Tunas writer Carlos Esquivel Guerra won the 2023 Italo Calvino Prize, presented on Friday at the national headquarters of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), in Havana, as part of the program that celebrates the centenary of the great Italian author.

40th Concert Day, in Las Tunas.

Neither the rain those days, nor the horns of the occasional “reggaetón” pedicab that passed near the presentation venues, nor the energy contingency, nothing and no one could prevent “cultured music” from partying during the 40th Concert Day.

María de Jesús Chávez Vilorio (known in the literary world as MJ Chávez).

Daughter of the Heroic City, 28 years old, passionate about science fiction and fantasy, with tangled hair, intelligent eyes, and an affable appearance? This is the winner of the Portus Patris Literary Prize 2023. We are talking about María de Jesús Chávez Vilorio (known in the literary world as MJ Chávez), who won the competition with her book Seventy-four Days.