The Japanese Ambassador gave a lecture about architecture in his nation.

His Excellency Hirata Kenji, ambassador of Japan in Cuba, participated in the 18th National Workshop on Eclecticism and Popular Tradition -held mid-week at the Major General Vicente García Provincial Museum-, with a presentation on the traditional architecture of that country.

Late writer Tony Gutiérrez.

Antonio Gutiérrez Rodríguez died this Tuesday in Las Tunas, at the age of 73, due to digestive bleeding. The writer, editor, critic, and researcher leaves a trail of sadness, especially in his guild. We owe a lot to this author. Not only for his numerous books but for worrying about training editors, promoting culture, and training new talents in the world of letters.

Estrella de Oriente Organ, from Las Tunas

The Organ belonging to the Ochoa family, weighing around one ton, stands proudly. A lot of rain has fallen since its smaller "ancestor" arrived in Cuba from France, via the port of Cienfuegos. Santiago Fornaris, a carpenter from Bayamo, introduced the musical instrument in Manzanillo and, little by little, with its Cuban wit flooded guateques and revelries.

Writer Odalis Leyva Rosabal

Writing to Don Quixote has always been a source of inspiration for Spanish-speaking rhapsodists and others. An inveterate lover of Cervantes' work and aware of the creative wealth accumulated around the "knight of the sad figure", the writer Odalys Leyva Rosabal gave life to the anthology La Raza Promisoria (The Promising Race), which in three volumes compiles poems by 317 authors from more than 20 countries and different periods, from the 16th century to the present day.

Euterpe Choir, from Las Tunas.

Here, sitting with a flute in her hands, I imagine the Greek muse Euterpe, satisfied. A professional choir in our province bears her name and has been honoring it for three decades now, against all odds.