Yuris Eduardo Bueno Yero dreams leads the children's workshop The Magical World of Living Statues and Poetic Silence

With the start of the school year, some cultural proposals created specifically for the summer season said goodbye. Others, however, have left traces that transcend the rest of the calendar because, in a certain way, continue.

Ink-scented fingerprints: new summer section

We have reached the end of this summer section, in which we share the work of some writers from Tunisia, most of them not so well known, but with a worthy creation and a promising future. In this way, it only remains to invite you to approach the work of these and other authors, because our culture would not be the same without their inspirational writers.

Ink-scented fingerprints: new summer section
Ink-scented fingerprints

Sandro David Leyva González was one of Rosell's reinforcements at the most recent Reina del Mar event in Cienfuegos. That day, I met him while he and Dayislenis Velázquez were "teaching" us how to write sonnets. And we learned. Sandro Leyva is an excellent poet that everyone should read and get to know.

Appreciation workshop "Passion for Poetry. General questions of metrics.” 



The Caracol Hall of the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC by its acronym in Spanish) in the territory hosted the closing of the Soul Flowers Poetry with the appreciation workshop "Passion for Poetry. General questions of metrics.”

Guernica Hall 2023

Sharing with young people is always a pleasure, and even more so when they set goals amid the mist. The Guernica 2023 Visual Arts Hall, organized by the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS in Spanish) is not only a competitive exhibition where works by young local creators were exhibited but also a pretext to discuss the plastic arts and the need for contemporary creation as a mirror and light of social processes.