The Cuban Culture Day brings a lot of tributes and arttistic performnces

With the opening ceremony in front of the Major General Vicente García Provincial Museum, the Day of Cuban Culture began in Las Tunas, which from October 10 to 20 include artistic and literary gatherings, book presentations, festivals, and other initiatives.

Virtual tour to the Mártires de Barbados Memorial Museum.

As part of the activities in Las Tunas to remember the horrendous crime of October 6, 1976, an interactive computer product was presented at the Mártires de Barbados Memorial Museum, which allows a journey through the different rooms of the institution and its pieces.

Actress Clotilde Aguillón

There, among puppets, we find her. Her eyes water as she talks about the passion of her life, the one she came to unwittingly and which has given us so much joy with the complicity of Caramelo or any other puppet. The actress Clotilde Aguillón, with a sweetness that goes beyond her ebony skin, agrees to the dialogue.

Las Tunas Symphony Orchestra performance

With the presentation of the Las Tunas Symphony Orchestra at the Teatro Tuyo Cultural Center, led by its deputy director Javiet Millet and accompanied by the Cienfuegos guitarist Ariadna Cuéllar, the National Tour of Symphony Orchestras -dedicated to Rafael Guedes 45-year music career- began in this province.

New presidency of art instructors in Las Tunas
From left to right, vice presidents Yulier Lozada Santiesteban and Ederis Llorente Álvarez, together with president Héctor Luis Bolmey Ochoa. 

The 5th Election Process of the José Martí Art Instructors Brigade (BJM, in Spanish) was held in Las Tunas, electing Héctor Luis Bolmey Ochoa as its president here, in addition to Yuslier Lozada and Ederis Llorente Álvarez, as vice presidents.