Cultural Plaza at the feet of the Buena Vista Tank

A geographical reference point on the city map of Las Tunas, one of the seven wonders of engineering in this eastern city, it shelters with sublime elegance a site that has been transformed from a space for carnival festivities to a Cultural Plaza.

Niurka Casanova was awarded at the 23rd La Plástica en Abril Hall

Art instructor Niurka Casanova is one of those people who, when you arrive at the Tomasa Varona Cultural Center, you can't overlook. She has been working there for 34 years and, from her position, she promotes the necessary processes for cultural development.

Writer Lázaro Alfonso Díaz Cala

"Since I was a teenager, I wrote some cheesy stories and poems, but an advertisement in a shop window on Obispo Street in the capital, in 2000 (at the age of 30), brought me to a literary workshop for the first time, and that's when my life took a complete turn," Lázaro Alfonso Díaz Cala, winner of the Guillermo Vidal short story competition, told 26, after the result was announced on 10 February, at the close of the literary day named after the author of Matarile.

Pablo Armando Fernández Literary Promotion Center.

After several years of being dormant for various reasons, the Pablo Armando Fernández Literary Promotion Center has resumed its functions. Under the direction of the Provincial Center for Books and Literature (CPLL in Spanish) and with the support of the Sanlope publishing house, it promotes the work of writers from Las Tunas, as well as events, competitions, and other literary activities.

Las Tunas Provincial Book and Literature Center

The Las Tunas Provincial Book and Literature Center (CPLL, in Spanish), which in recent months has designed new spaces and is planning to strengthen existing ones, continues to strengthen literary creation, along with its cultural program.