50th anniversary of "Los Zahoríes"

“The cockroach Martina” is, without a doubt, one of the tales of the oral tradition that has trapped several generations. Children and adults continue to be fascinated with the story of Pérez mouse and his beloved. But… can you imagine a free version adapted to the musical comedy, with the participation of actors and puppets? That will be one of the surprises with which Los Zahoríes Puppeteer Company will celebrate its 50th birthday.

Major General Vicente García Provincial Museums

Museums are living places, where history and culture go hand in hand to encourage us to travel to the past and return to the present, illuminated.

Two-person exhibition Vértigo

The two-person exhibition "Vértigo," by the plastic artists José Manuel Mayo and Liusan Cabrera Almaguer, is exhibited in the virtual gallery Belkis Ayón, of the Experimental Center of Visual Arts, based in El Vedado, Havana, Cuba.

 5th Abstract Art Workshop

The 5th Abstract Art Workshop, traditionally held in Las Tunas, honors Pedro de Oraá, 2015 National Plastic Arts Award, who gave prestige to some of these meetings in the Balcony of Eastern Cuba and passed away in 2020.

Murmullos del manantial (Murmurings of the spring), by Ángel Luis Velázquez.

According to the historiography of art, the landscape is the pictorial genre that represents scenes from nature. In Las Tunas, every year there is a provincial event called Verde que te quiero Verde (Green, I love you green), which reveres the painting movement.