New presidency of art instructors in Las Tunas
From left to right, vice presidents Yulier Lozada Santiesteban and Ederis Llorente Álvarez, together with president Héctor Luis Bolmey Ochoa. 

The 5th Election Process of the José Martí Art Instructors Brigade (BJM, in Spanish) was held in Las Tunas, electing Héctor Luis Bolmey Ochoa as its president here, in addition to Yuslier Lozada and Ederis Llorente Álvarez, as vice presidents.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- During the meeting, chaired by Sara Blanco, an official of the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee; the national president of the BJM, Emilio Toledo; and other authorities, the intellectual Carlos Tamayo spoke on cultural colonization, emphasizing the importance of integral improvement and knowledge of history as two of the essential paths in the battle against this scourge. He also pointed out that we must be aware that social media are today an instrument of domination, the importance of accompanying young people in their different processes, and be aware of cultural consumption from an early age.

"It cannot be that junk culture is established in a country with so much cultural wealth. We must avoid using art as mere propaganda. When there is no criticism, art gets sick. We have to have critical thinking. Everyone who feels Cuban should join this battle," he summed up.

For her part, Darlenis Urquiola, provincial director of Culture, talked about latent problems in society such as the proliferation of banality, pseudo-culture, and the manipulation of conscience. She urged BJM affiliates not to neglect these issues in their daily work, especially when "today we have very good art instructors, with results in schools, cultural centers, and other spaces".

The 35 delegates from the different Tunero territories proposed Yennis López Quiñones, from the municipality of Jobabo, to integrate the candidacy from which the National Direction of the Brigade will be elected in the organization's National Council.

The work carried out by Baire Cartaya at the head of the BJM in Las Tunas, for two terms of office, was praised. Likewise, the most outstanding were also recognized. Héctor Luis Bolmey, the newly elected president, expressed his enthusiasm for the responsibility he is assuming, as well as his conviction to continue defending our culture in all possible spaces.

The José Martí Brigade has a provincial membership of 654 art instructors, who are now under the new leadership structure made up of only one president and two vice presidents.

Emilio Toledo, its leader in the country, also announced the will to continue contributing through constant work, improvement, and commitment to the best purposes with which the organization was created on October 20, 2004, by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.