Las Tunas Symphony Orchestra performance

With the presentation of the Las Tunas Symphony Orchestra at the Teatro Tuyo Cultural Center, led by its deputy director Javiet Millet and accompanied by the Cienfuegos guitarist Ariadna Cuéllar, the National Tour of Symphony Orchestras -dedicated to Rafael Guedes 45-year music career- began in this province.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The program included the Concert of the Islands, by the honored author; as well as the outstanding pieces of the native pentagram Los marcianos (Rosendo Ruiz Quevedo), Los aretes de la luna (José Dolores Quiñones), Mujer perjura (Miguel Campanioni) and A Bayamo en Coche (Adalberto Álvarez), all with versions by Guedes for the so-called "cultured music.”

Las Tunas Symphony Orchestra performance

Millet, who is also the director of the Granma Youth Symphony Orchestra and the San Salvador de Bayamo Chamber Orchestra, conducted the mostly young local musicians. They, the quintessential children of the El Cucalambé School of Professional Arts, exuded virtuosity and demonstrated to the less experienced audience that, as well as delighting the ear and the soul, it is also possible to dance with groups of this type.

Owner of a latent harmony, as if the instruments spoke in their language "among themselves" from respect and complicity, the orchestra gave a pleasant evening to an audience in need of similar proposals. It was not surprising, then, that at the end of the concert, the audience shouted "another, another" and the cast rejoiced with La Engañadora, by Enrique Jorrín.

Las Tunas Symphony Orchestra performance

In a full theater, Darlenis Urquiola, provincial director of Culture, and Nilian Rodríguez, director of the Barbarito Diez Music and Entertainment Marketing Company, honored Rafael Guedes, Ariadna Cuéllar and Javier Millet on behalf of our people.

At the end of the event, Raúl Alberto Pedrero Maso, General Coordinator of the National Program for the Development of Concert Music, praised the performance. "The National Center for Concert Music, which I represent, thanks Guedes for his dedication and teaching; Javier, all these wonderful musicians, the directors who accompanied us, and the spectacular audience. It was a good start to the tour.

The tour of Cuba will also include performances by the Camagüey, Villa Clara, Holguín, Matanzas, Oriente, and Nacional Symphony Orchestras, and is a beautiful tribute to the leader of the Camerata del Son, who directed the famous Mayohuacán group for more than three decades and has distinguished himself as a producer of some thirty albums.

Las Tunas Symphony Orchestra performance

Rafael Guedes and Javier Millet were honored.

Javier Millet conducted the young musicians

The Cienfuegos guitarist Ariadna Cuéllar accompanied the performance