Epic Fragments collective photo exhibition

In the collective exhibition Fragmentos Épicos (Epic Fragments), we will not find photos with protocol and rigid poses but heroes in everyday, natural, and emotional scenes, where the human values of their protagonists and the creativity of the authors to capture unique moments can be glimpsed.

Ink-scented fingerprints: new summer section
Ink-scented fingerprints section

Only those who have tried to make a living from them know the difficulty of writing a short story. Many imagine, wrongly, that its complexity grows directly proportional to the length of the story. That is because they do not know how difficult it is to write a mini-story. Not to mention the challenge of publishing a book with texts of less than one page. 

The malangueta is much used in handicrafts

Las Tunas, being a purely agricultural province, is home to many peasant families. This, together with the institutionalization of culture and other factors, has created the basis for the transmission of handicraft knowledge from generation to generation in different communities. In the south of the land of Vicente García, for example, this dynamic is consolidated (mainly in yarey, anacahuita, and guaniquiqui), which also contributes to the fixation of our identity.

Petit Dancé group, from Las Tunas

Among drums, dances, and contagious sounds, Haitian culture, proudly represented by the emblematic group Petit Dancé, also took over the celebrations at the El Cornito farm during the last galas of the recent Cucalambeana Fiesta.