Danza Isleña de Poza folk group

An important participation in this 58th edition of the Cucalambeana Fiesta is the Canarian Association of Cabaiguán, from the province of Sancti Spíritus, whose members -after 20 years away from this festival of the Cuban peasantry-, decided to join again to show a little of their dances, costumes, and culinary.

Researcher María Eugenia Ascuí.

The tribute to “La Guantanamera,” on the 60th anniversary of its universalization, could not be missing from this festival of the Cuban peasantry, in which music and theory come together in the same space.

Artist from eight nations attend the Cucalambeana Fiesta.

The Cucalambeana Fiesta has traditionally managed to bring together artists from different nations in what has become an intercontinental embrace of identity. On this occasion, representatives from eight nations meet at the Balcón de Oriente (Cuban Eastern Balcony) to share the best of their idiosyncrasy and strengthen ties of friendship between our peoples.

Amor Benítez Hernández

In one of the theoretical events of the Cucalambeana Fiesta, the presentation of two books was made by the researcher Amor Benítez Hernández, a specialist on the décima, who came from the capital of the country to present two investigations that every lover of the Cuban culture should know.

Women's Recital of Décima.

Since the fifteenth century, in variants such as the royal couplet and later the spinel, the décima has captivated not a few creators with that magic that is a "pure air prison". Vicente Gómez Martínez Espinel, with his musical virtues, established the structure that would mark the rhymes: "abbaaccddc". And from then on, he flew the "peninsular traveler" until she got native in Cuba. Not for nothing Mirta Aguirre said: "…because she was born first/and our people later."