Young awarded writer Tomás Eugenio Escobar Ávila

Tomás Eugenio Escobar Ávila is a doctor by profession, but - as his friend Armando López Carralero (who encouraged him to join the ranks of the Asociación Hermanos Saíz) would say - he is also "a lover of literature and, specifically, of poetry, by vocation and mysterious spiritual fulfillment...”

Carpe Diem film club

The Carpe Diem film club in the provincial capital is gaining more and more followers every day. Under the tutelage of Yury García Fatela, a group of film lovers, mostly young people, meet in the Titón hall or at the Tunas headquarters of the Asociación Hermanos Saíz (AHS by its acronym in Spanish), to enjoy and learn about the Seventh Art.

Papote's House television program

Some time ago, the combination of real characters in an animated world, with objects that are also part of the fictional environment, merged into the television proposal La Casa de Papote (Popote’s Home), to get closer to the clown universe and the work of the stage company from Las Tunas; thanks to the intention of the National Council for the Performing Arts and the joint work of Teatro Tuyo, and the Salamandra Audiovisuales team.

Ink-scented fingerprints: new summer section

Whenever I talk about the traces left in my memory by artists from this city, I remember that afternoon in Cienfuegos, in the middle of an event organized by Reina del Mar Editores, when I met a select group of young poets from Tunisia. Their leader was referring, with admiration, to the writer I bring you today: Dayislenis Velázquez Zamora.

Landscape Expo Así tan natural, by artist Wilber Ortega

Wilber Ortega remembers his childhood in constant observation of nature. His curiosity for the environment and the inexplicable delight of discovery created the foundations - without him suspecting it - of the complete landscape artist he is today. Thus, as natural as the name of the exhibition he is currently exhibiting at the gallery of the Provincial Committee of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC in Spanish), he tells 26 about some of the experiences and worldviews that mark his work.