Euterpe Choir, from Las Tunas.

Here, sitting with a flute in her hands, I imagine the Greek muse Euterpe, satisfied. A professional choir in our province bears her name and has been honoring it for three decades now, against all odds.

Staying active in Cuban choral music has always been one of Euterpe's greatest achievements. Aleyvis Araúz, its director, cannot conceal the pride she feels in the brotherhood, even though there are always thorns in its path, such as the still latent lack of a venue and a membership that needs to grow. This is a versatile ensemble, which has demonstrated mastery in the interpretation of classical music as well as popular and contemporary music.

Not for nothing have they participated in prestigious events such as international festivals in Santiago de Cuba (a province with a tradition in this field) and others like CorHabana, in the Cuban capital. In addition to sharing with dignity with the National Choir, Exaudi, the National Symphonic Orchestra...

Euterpe Choir, from Las Tunas.

The Cuban Eastern Balcony has also traditionally enjoyed two concerts a year, "the summer concert, where we don't work on a fixed theme, but on a variety of themes (trova, Latin American music, renaissance music...), and the winter concert, with Christmas music (Christmas carols), where other choirs usually join in."

Since its first concert, on 28 September 1993, in the Vicente García memorial, Euterpe has not stopped. "Cristino Márquez and Félix Ramos brought it into being. We rehearsed from October 1992 and, the following year, we started as amateurs. I remember that I gathered a group of people. There were 11 of us and we were between 20 and 21 years old," recalls Aleyvis.

The leader confesses the challenge that the choir has represented in her career how she likes to "sound the voices" and that community work that makes her happy. Among the characteristics that define them as a group, she mentions their familiarity and love for each other.

That has kept us together. It is not a hieratic or cold institution, but noble, and flexible, that allows itself to be guided and formed. It also allows communication with the audience, because we are always aware of what they need, and that has guaranteed us an audience," he stresses.

Euterpe is a small choir (only 16 members, but there are many more), but it attracts attention for its sonority, collective work, voice blending, aesthetics, and other parameters. The muse of music would be proud.