The repair of the Tunas cinema is in the final stage of the investment process.

The Tunas Cinema-Theater is in the final stage of a capital repair after several months of intervention in this gigantic facility, the most important cultural center in the eastern province of Las Tunas.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Located in the very heart of this capital city, the institution is changing its structure, especially in units such as the Titón Hall and the Live-music Cafe, created to offer shows with the performance of soloists or musical groups and varied drinks.

Yordanis Martínez Alarcón, the investor, told the press about the inclusion of new services, such as a 3D projection room and a snack bar, to take advantage of the spacious three-story building, which dates from the 50s of the last century, under the name of Rivera Theater.

The main hall, with almost a thousand lunettes, already has new and comfortable seats, as well as carpets. At the same time, the stage is also ready, for which the corresponding curtains are already available.

The Tunas Theater, with a new and attractive design in the lobby and inside, has the required personnel to manage the equipment, i.e., microphones, lights, and projectors.

The emblematic institution has witnessed the performances of influential Cuban and foreign artists: Tito Guisa, Estela Rabal and the Cinco Latinos, Alicia Alonso and the National Ballet of Cuba, Rosita Fornés, among others.