The malangueta is much used in handicrafts

Las Tunas, being a purely agricultural province, is home to many peasant families. This, together with the institutionalization of culture and other factors, has created the basis for the transmission of handicraft knowledge from generation to generation in different communities. In the south of the land of Vicente García, for example, this dynamic is consolidated (mainly in yarey, anacahuita, and guaniquiqui), which also contributes to the fixation of our identity.

Petit Dancé group, from Las Tunas

Among drums, dances, and contagious sounds, Haitian culture, proudly represented by the emblematic group Petit Dancé, also took over the celebrations at the El Cornito farm during the last galas of the recent Cucalambeana Fiesta.

Young singer Yuslier Lozada

A dozen novice singers aspire to win the second edition of the El Artista Soy Yo (The Artist Is Me) Interpretation Contest, sponsored by exponents of the Emiliano Salvador Music House and other colleagues, to stimulate the creation and promote new talents in the province.

7th International Clown Festival

The International Clown Festival, born in Las Tunas under the aegis of the Teatro Tuyo troupe, reaches its 7th edition and, as in its last chapter (and from now on), it is the sister province of Granma that hosts the event, between July 13th and the 16th.