UNEAC Congress Organizing Committee formed in Las Tunas.

The Organizing Commission for the 10th Congress of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC by its acronym in Spanish) was opened this Thursday in the province, with the presence of Luis Morlote Rivas, national president of the organization; Magda Resik, its vice-president; and other authorities.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The commission, made up of members of the different branches of the Provincial Committee and representatives of the Municipal Committee of Puerto Padre, contributes to the development and strengthening of a process that will have its high point in June 2024, with the holding of the national meeting.

UNEAC Congress Organizing Committee formed in Las Tunas.Gathered in the Caracol Hall of UNEAC's headquarters in Tuna, the participants noted the call of the national leadership of the union to hold a congress close to the membership, with a participatory character and reflecting their main concerns, as well as the will to increasingly defend the most authentic values of Cuban society.

All previous meetings will contribute to this intention, also generating proposals aimed at useful and transformative change, in the cases that merit it. "We have to think about what issues are transversalizing Cuban culture today and what contributions we can make. We are going to set up a joint work agenda, between the municipal, provincial, and national directorates. We will take into account the particularities of the territories and their concerns."

"The Congress makes sense if we put passion into it if we manage to enthuse and bring people together," Morlote summarized.

During the meeting, a fruitful dialogue was generated, where the affiliates presented some of the issues raised during these days, including the deterioration of stage facilities, the need to further strengthen the attention to writers with vulnerable situations, as well as the forms of employment of musicians, the preservation of audiovisual (and other) heritage and the consolidation of new projects in the communities, among other topics.

UNEAC Congress Organizing Committee formed in Las Tunas.Marina Lourdes Jacobo, president of the artistic vanguard here, presented several of the issues prioritized on the agenda, emanating from previous meetings with the creators, exemplified the feedback relationship that characterizes the work of the institution in these areas and expressed the conviction that UNEAC continues to be "the home of writers and artists."

For her part, Darlenis Urquiola, provincial director of Culture, expressed her intention to continue contributing through accompaniment and alliances to the solution of latent problems such as the infrastructural situation of the El Cucalambé professional art school and the headquarters of the performing arts collectives.

In May 2024, the provincial chapter of the conclave will be held, reflecting - from its organizing commission - this productive confluence between more experienced members and the new batch that emerged from its most recent growth.