Yuris Eduardo Bueno Yero dreams leads the children's workshop The Magical World of Living Statues and Poetic Silence

With the start of the school year, some cultural proposals created specifically for the summer season said goodbye. Others, however, have left traces that transcend the rest of the calendar because, in a certain way, continue.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- One of them is the workshop The Magical World of Living Statues and Poetic Silence, born this holiday under the influence of the Tomasa Varona Cultural Center, of this capital city, and specifically, the art instructor Yuris Eduardo Bueno Yero.

According to the director of D'Seos Teatro group, the experience intends to continue, although the schedules will have to be readjusted due to the academic calendar. "Today, we are concentrating on consolidating the workshop. There are not many members at the moment but this is the beginning. The goal is for children to create their characters, tell a story, and connect with us in some presentations," he explained.

He also said that his perspective, based on the strengthening of the workshop, is to create a children's company under the aegis of D'Seos Teatro. "Parents who see aptitudes in their children can come to the Cultural Center because we want other children to join and work towards achieving this dream.”

This is another way in which the young actor fights to expand the universe of living statues, little cultivated in this region. A plausible intention that is appreciated by adults and children alike. Cristian Alejandro Oliva Oro and Edani de la Fe Batista Partido, members of the workshop, summed up their feelings. "It's something very nice.” "I like it because it is art, and the teacher is very good.”

Yuris has worked in schools and was involved for a time with the amateur group Tunantes, which helped him fall in love with Street Theater. There, he took his first steps into giantism and other aspects of this artistic expression. The famous Don Quixote, Cupid, the unforgettable Zabala, a troubadour, a peasant, and characters he created himself, such as Naturaman, come to life in the work of this youngster who always tries to teach with his performances.

These days, he is dreaming of a children's company, a difficult task given the complexity of this theatrical aspect and the age of the protagonists. But he doesn't stop thinking about how to develop this idea. Let's hope that he doesn't give up and we can soon enjoy the new fruits of his efforts.