Appreciation workshop "Passion for Poetry. General questions of metrics.” 



The Caracol Hall of the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC by its acronym in Spanish) in the territory hosted the closing of the Soul Flowers Poetry with the appreciation workshop "Passion for Poetry. General questions of metrics.”

Soul Flowers Poetry Festival in Las Tunas.Las Tunas, Cuba.- The Camagüey writer Mariela Pérez Castro, a specialist in charge of the Festival, commented "This is the first time I have participated in this event and I find it relevant for the fact that poets from different generations, from different forms of poetry, and different geographical locations are coming together. In these times, it is very important to listen to plural voices and if we don't know what the rest are doing, we miss part of that practice; we encapsulate ourselves without going out into the wider world. We poets must see each other, come together, and embrace each other with poetry.

Regarding the metric course, Mariela Castro referred to the need to know it to keep this discipline healthy. "Nowadays metric is one of the most forgotten by young people, as well as the little knowledge of the collection of strophic types of our language, but to reach this, one must first go through a whole series of laws, of practice that even to write a free verse is extremely necessary, such as rhyme, accentuation, pick metrics, etc."

In reality, it is a course made up of 49 lectures and practical classes, but due to time constraints I have had to compress it into two frequencies, of course, many things have been said, but many will also remain unsaid."

"In conclusion, the Camagüey writer told 26 how pleasant it was to participate in this festival of poets and how she hopes to return next year. "I have felt in the best of all worlds and with a lot of hope that poetry lives and is there and that it is not going to die for the moment, even though they try to kill it with reggaeton and trap."

Flores del Alma honors the 163rd anniversary of the book of the same name, first published in Las Tunas, and the memory of its author Manuel Agustín Nápoles Fajardo (Sanlope), brother of "El Cucalambé" (Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo, best Cuban bucolic poet of the 19th century).

Soul Flowers Poetry Festival in Las Tunas.

Soul Flowers Poetry Festival in Las Tunas.

Soul Flowers Poetry Festival in Las Tunas.