Maboas radio station, "Sound Bride of the Gulf of Guacanayabo."

A little more than half a century has passed since April 5, 1970, when a radio station was created in this territory, in the south of the province of Las Tunas, at the initiative of Armando Hart and Haydée Santamaría.

Ultrasonido National Radio Festival Online

Creativity, novelty in the use of resources, and durability of the tradition distinguish the 129 works registered in the Ultrasonido National Radio Festival Online, which from April 6 to 9 will seek an approach to the performance in this media, to the testimony genre and the humorous programs.

Municipal Cucalambeana Fiestas

During this month, the municipal Cucalambeana Fiestas have been developed online to not lose tradition and protect collective health in face of the threat of the COVID-19.

The TV room at Km 20, in Manatí, is one of the bests in the province

Outstanding labor in favor of the residents in intricate communities of Las Tunas carry out the 195 television rooms in the territory, according to Yaneris Báez Mojena, provincial director of that program.