First personal exhibition of photojournalist Yaciel Peña De la Peña.

With all the human emotions overflowing in “Faces of the Childhood,” the first personal exhibition of photojournalist Yaciel Peña De la Peña was inaugurated, at the Press House.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The exhibition was opened on the occasion of the Cuban Press Day event, which takes place from March 5 to 19.

After 25 years of uninterrupted work in the guild, and for three lustrums at the Cuban News Agency (ACN), Yaciel has always found a place for expression behind the shutter.

"I reflected the gaze on the innocence of children through the magic of visual art. The childhood theme is the center of this creation because I have always liked to show that incredible way of seeing that children have: happy, sad, thoughtful - some inns and others in different circumstances and moments of everyday life.

"For me, it was difficult to show in just 15 photographs a part of my work as a photojournalist for ACN in Las Tunas. I wanted this exhibition to be different and, for this, I invited two excellent artists from our city: the troubadour Jesús Ricardo Pérez Cecilia, an excellent musician whom I admire a lot, and also Yury Eduardo, on the stage," the photojournalist told Tiempo21.

In the words of the catalog, made by journalist Leodany Arias Tamayo, he highlights that the exhibition is made up of 15 images focused on the physiognomy of the characters, with a great variety of expressions.

He also points out that the mastery of lighting and the precision of the shots make Faces of the Childhood a passage into everyday life that could often go unnoticed, but that is there, in every face that looks at us, and that thanks to this exhibition we can perceive. It is the invitation to observe life, childhood and its charms.

Among the remaining activities that are included in the celebration for Cuban Press Day here, highlight a workshop on Communicative Production with a gender focus and intersectional perspectives, this Tuesday the 12th, and the ceremony for the awarding of the Félix Elmusa Distinction and the 2024 Provincial Journalism Awards, at the Las Tunas Government theater, on March 14.