Las Tunas culture was present at the 3rd Industry and Commerce Fair.

The Las Tunas culture left its mark very well on the second day of the Industry and Commerce Fair, which continued on Friday at the Las Tunas Hotel and the Theme Park of this city in eastern Cuba; while business meetings and product launches continued.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Exponents from municipalities of the province came to the fairgrounds; among them, the consecrated Proyecto Del Caribe Soy, a solid proposal born in the north of the territory, in Manatí, and that is nourished by the heritage that comes from the English-speaking Caribbean islands, the Haitian culture, and the many expressions that, began to settle in these lands since that diverse epicenter.

They weren't the only ones. Maydee Gil Almarales, a methodologist of the Culture House System, confirmed to 26 that they presented six projects at the event. They intend to introduce them to the business network present in the facility and thus make visible what is born from the communities and can also make us transcend.

“Among others, the Raíces de San José Project stands out at our stand. Likewise, there is Sueños y Esperanzas, which comes from the community of Palancón and is directly linked to an economic enterprise; in addition to the El Cucalambé Professional Art School (EPA), along with children's and youth dance groups, plus other options.”

Las Tunas culture present at the 3rd Industry and Commerce Fair.

Joy, dance, color, and a lot of Las Tunas ardor have brought these genuine artistic units to date; and more than one initiative related to growth has emerged in its spaces. Likewise, there is that of the subsidiary of the Nicolás Guillén Foundation, which decided, between Guillén poems and the fast-paced verb of its artists, to launch the call for the 2024 edition of the Festival of Roots and Traditions, a unique event that they will dedicate to Costa Rica and promises to be all talent and depth.

Meanwhile, in the main hall of the Fair, authorities of the Cuban Communist Party and the Government, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Food Industry, plus members of the Fair Organizing Committee, carried out the commemorative cancellation of a postage stamp in honor to this edition. For this purpose, the issue aimed at disseminating cultural diversity in eastern Cuba was selected, which had the corresponding resolution of the Ministry of Communications as official support. It was designed by Ricardo Monnar and is composed of six stamps and a philatelic sheet. This time, the stamp with a face value of 0.90 cents in Cuban pesos was chosen, of which 90,620 units were printed.

At the same time, other concrete results were noted. To the signing by the Integral Agricultural Company of import and export contracts was now added the Las Tunas Fishing Company (Pescatun), which signed a similar agreement with a foreign partner for the productive administration with financing for fishing in the high and oyster cultivation.

At the end of the day, the Tobacco Collection and Twisting Company of Las Tunas also made the news, which launched its own brand, called Casals; and the Tecnoazúcar base business unit (UEB), which unveiled a production line of soybean oil for human consumption.