Performing arts workshop in Las Tunas

The Raúl Gómez García Hall (home of the Los Zahoríes Puppets Company) currently hosts the performing arts workshop Theories and Practices for an Analysis, intending to strengthen the performing arts movement in the province.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The initiative, directed by the dancer and choreographer Yanoski Suárez Rodríguez, and the writer Alejandro Mineto (also a dancer and actor in training), seeks to strengthen theoretical and practical knowledge about interpretation and mastery of the body, among other important topics.

The proposal, supported by the provincial branch of the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS), takes place between December 23 and 29 and consists of sessions in the morning and afternoon, with the participation of students from the El Cucalambé Professional Art School and other interested parties. For instance, Leonel Guevara Nápoles, from Camagüey's artistic education, came attracted by the opportunity to work with Yanoski. According to him, the experience is rewarding due to the teacher's extensive knowledge and his focus on personal improvement.

The workshop highlights the importance of the connection between theater and contemporary dance, the latter being Leonel's specialty. "The teacher emphasizes the need to explore work techniques that involve the dramatization of the body and body knowledge, fundamental aspects for the artistic development of a dancer," he said.

In this sense, the event allows participants to acquire new knowledge and strengthen their concept of contemporary dance. Thus, it provides training and preparation tools to young people interested in the arts, especially in dance expression, in addition to promoting local talent and opening new opportunities for knowledge.

Performing Arts Workshop in Las Tunas.

For her part, Leonor Pérez Hinojosa, head of the performing arts section of the AHS in the province, highlighted the importance of strengthening contemporary dance in the region, and the need to maintain a close bond with young artists to prepare them as future professionals. She highlighted the potential of the participants and the intention to prepare the actors to have comprehensive training.

The workshop not only seeks the complete training of the artist, it also encourages the participation of society and involves it, making it a part. In Yanoski's own words, "It is a way of expressing what we feel and experience in our environment. In times of upheaval and difficulty, art can heal, transmit emotions, and unite people. We believe in its transformative power, and the ability to generate positive changes. Therefore, through our workshops, we want to encourage young people to discover their hidden talent, to express themselves through art, and to find their voice in this world."

Open to all interested parties, the invitation becomes a valuable platform for creative and personal development. In this space, emerging talents have the opportunity to experiment and grow, exploring their capabilities, and discovering new forms of expression.

At the close of the workshop, on December 29, at 9:00 pm, the House of the Young Creator will host surprises such as the presentation of the play Le Temps Changé, starring Yanoski and Alejandro, representing the Ad livintum Company.