The Patria Colloquium begins today in the Cuban capital

A representation of the press and communication media of Las Tunas is attending the third edition of the Patria International Colloquium, which begins today and will be held in Havana until the 20th.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- More than a hundred left-wing intellectuals and communicators from around 30 countries participate in the event, sponsored by the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC), which also brings together digital creators, designers, and artists to exchange on Artificial Intelligence and the legal, economic, narrative, and activism challenges in the social media of the Global South.

From Las Tunas joined Adalys Ray Haynes, president of the Provincial Executive of the UPEC; Katia Báez, representative of the newly created Institute of Information and Communication; Elena Diego Parra, the director of newspaper 26; Aliuska Barrios Leyva, the director of the Radio System; Iliana Toirac, the director of TunasVisión; and István Ojeda Bello, multi-award-winning journalist and head of the Innovation Committee of this newspaper.

Ricardo Ronquillo Bello, president of the UPEC at the national level, recently highlighted in a press conference that "the event will show those present the communication counteroffensive of the Greater of the Antilles against the media war campaigns. and disinformation promoted by US imperialism.

The Cuban News Agency talked about "the presentation of nearly 60 projects with innovative experiences in the communication field, such as those of the Cuban media included in the experiment for editorial, economic and digital transformation, among other novelties."
Newspaper 26 is part of that Cuban public press outpost that develops the editorial, economic, and technological transformation.