Azutecnia's welding workshop.

In the welding workshop of the Azutecnia basic business unit (UEB in Spanish) in Las Tunas, the 10 workers who make up the collective overcome material difficulties, and every day, in the face of every challenge, they squander talent and dedication to build or repair agricultural implements and machinery for the sugar harvest -their raison d'être- and other tasks necessary for the economy.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Between irons and the fire coming out of the welding torches, there is no task they are given that they do not make their own until it is accomplished, says proudly Liván García Sánchez, the workshop manager, who since he was practically a teenager began his work there and now has been there for about 12 years in that small place where life is played by force of iron, welded cords, and ingenuity.

"Last 2023, for example, we faced hard work because it escaped a little to our main direction with agricultural implements, but as it was needed for aquaculture workers we got together and we took on the task of rebuilding almost from scratch, a mobile shelter where they sleep while they are fishing in the dams. It was so difficult, but there it is," and he points to what looks like a mobile home.

taller pailería y soldadura azutecnia las tunas foto migueldn

When you get to the small aluminum welding shop with argon, you can see how fine this work is, which not everyone does because this chemical element is not common, in addition to being a fine work with this type of material.

Repairs to agricultural machinery for the harvest and other tasks are also complex, and even with limited resources, the ingenuity of welders and laborers seek solutions so that the work does not come to a halt.

The raison d'être of the UEB is to ensure the agricultural sector for the harvest, which does not disdain any work that responds to the economy, and as part of the June 14 workshops it is integrated into the repair of implements and agricultural machinery, casting of aluminum parts and for locomotives, engine repairs, and other work of other entities that request it.