Adelquis Téllez González, the delegate of  the Palacón distric, in Las Tunas.

When he walks through the streets of the community of Palancón and sees the transformation this neighborhood has undergone for the good of its inhabitants, Adelquis Téllez González feels a healthy pride that runs through his skin and floods his thoughts.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Palancón is no longer that neighborhood where people walked over the skeletal remains of illegally slaughtered cattle and horses, nor are there any dead ends. Now it has streets, a school that is being built and although it has been delayed, it is there, defying time, and will be completed; a more active life, with less alcoholism and crime. And although there are still many dissatisfactions, the achievements cannot be hidden.

Adelquis Téllez González, the delegate of  the Palacón distric, in Las Tunas.In any district of the Popular Council 3, of which he is the president, neighbors stop Adelquis to greet him, and some of them ask him the most diverse problems, even of a personal nature.

"I have lost my name in my communities. The children call me uncle, and other villagers call me delegate or teacher, but almost nobody mentions my name. And when they entrust me with a personal problem for me to help solve, I get excited and give all my strength to solve it. Then they say thank you, thug me, squeeze my hands."

In his almost 25 years as a delegate of the People's Power, this man has felt fulfilled, even amid ingratitude, of how difficult this work is, of the frustrations in the face of an unsolved problem. He feels that during all this time his life has had enough reasons to be happier because fighting for others is comforting.

In addition to being a district delegate and president of a Popular Council, Adelquis is an announcer for the provincial Radio Victoria station. Although his day is short to spend every minute of his time on his multiple tasks, he always finds a way to get along with all his responsibilities. And he succeeds.