The Transport Company is responsible to transfer more than 75 percent of cargo and people

Fuel shortages have been the main cause of transportation troubles in Las Tunas since the second half of March, and so far in April, only 30 percent of what is necessary to transfer cargo and people has been received.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Reynaldo Reyes Silva, the delegate of the Transport Ministry in the province, explained the situation, in an appearance before the local radio station. He noted that around four thousand liters a day are needed to keep the eleven bus routes in the city and the inter-municipal routes active.

Such a situation affects about 15 thousand passengers daily, especially in teaching and work routines from Monday to Friday, especially when the Transport Company is responsible for the movement of 75 percent of the territory's inhabitants.

Reynaldo Reyes also explained that rail transportation and the five national bus routes leaving here have been more stable. “The presence of inspectors who help when there are no urban services, these days, is more important because we had some tenants who supported the urban service and they are no longer there, due to the fuel situation, they consume around 700 liters and it is very complex.”

“We achieved a fairly organized strategy around the 65 motorcycle taxis that work in the city. Therefore, between 7:30 and 9:00 am, departures are prioritized from the three fundamental ranks at the Unusual House, the Tank of Buena Vista, and the Dr. Ernesto Guevara Hospital.”

"After that, around five vehicles remain in those places because they also provide a door-to-door service."

The manager regretted the inconvenience to the population and ratified the commitment to maintain timely information and continue working in the search for solutions.