METUNAS remains at the forefront of Cuban metallurgy.

Workers and managers of the Comandante Paco Cabrera Metal Structures Company (METUNAS) discussed the main difficulties faced during 2023, as well as their achievements, which allowed them to maintain an advanced position within the metallurgical industry in the country.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- They also analyzed the strategies that will allow them to fulfill the proposed plans for the current period, assuming the challenge of contributing -with ingenuity and creativity- to the development of the Cuban industry.

The presence of METUNAS in the Mariel Special Development Zone is significant, in works such as the disposable diaper factory, the food processing center, the warehouse base for logistics assurance, the coffee roasting factory, the intermodal terminal, and the warehouse for railway repair.

Juan Carlos Ponce Báez, secretary-general of the Provincial Bureau of the Industries Union in Las Tunas, ratified the goals to continue with contributions to the main economic and social development programs of the nation, designed in the short, medium, and long terms.

The labor leader highlighted the presence of this factory in the production of poles for high-voltage distribution towers, an engineering task of great technical complexity, considered a challenge that put to the test the capacity of engineers and welders, given the difficulty of the project and the detailing of the work objects.

They add to their work productions such as tanks for liquid storage, beams, columns, angles, and galvanized zinc roofs for warehouses and homes.
Workers with a continuous and outstanding work trajectory were recognized, who ratified the commitment to achieve the ambitious productive goals of this calendar.