The active inquiry continue in the communities

“We cannot ignore the situation in the country or think that Las Tunas is alien, especially now, that here there is a rise in positive cases. The epidemiological pattern of the behavior of the disease has changed due to the increase in patients with symptoms. Such a scenario should not cause fear, but it should lead us to act with responsibility and know that anyone can get the virus," Dr. Aldo Cortés González, deputy director of the Provincial Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology, affirmed.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Despite there has been control of the pandemic concerning other parts of the country, positive cases are on the rise; a reality that generates concern among countrymen, and speaks of the need to take extreme measures and gain in the perception of risk.

"Studies carried out by the country's surveillance system - he said - have identified that a Californian variant of SARS-CoV-2 is the most frequent in this province. However, the results may vary due to the behavior of the epidemic and the mobility of people can lead us to these changes.”

Las Tunas registers 884 positives to COVID-19 (696 autochthonous and 188 imported) and the incidence in April was higher than in March and the preceding months. Currently, 55 foci of the disease are open and the largest number is reported by the provincial capital, although in Jobabo, Manatí, Puerto Padre, Majibacoa, and "Colombia" there is a presence of the virus.

The active inquiry continues in the communities; just yesterday, 225 people with respiratory symptoms were detected and after being treated in the family's medical offices, 14 were reported as suspects and referred to admission.

Given the current “wave” of infected in this province, Cortés González insisted on the necessary physical distancing, the correct use of the facemask, and biosafety measures to stop the disease. “All the models point to an increase in incidence; the only thing that can modify this forecast is the responsible behavior of the population,” he concluded.