Racism is a scourge to be erasedCuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel ratified his country's commitment to eradicating racism, a priority on the government's agenda.

Havana, Cuba.- In a message published on Twitter, the President described racism as a scourge to be erased in the nation with the National Program's support against Racism and Racial Discrimination.

"A vestige that we must eliminate in our just and emancipatory society. We have a government program to achieve this goal," the President wrote.

The head of state accompanied his message with an article by Cuban intellectual Miguel Barnet, published Wednesday in the newspaper Granma, which emphasizes the need for a more inclusive and unbiased culture as the main objective of the Cuban social project.


Racism: A barbarity to be eradicated

Eradicating the racist feeling towards the black is not only the work of therapists. It is necessary to investigate in the cultures of the African peoples who have left Cuba an immense cosmogonic and artistic treasure', the text acknowledges.

The important thing is to erase the subconscious perfidious rumor where racial prejudice is cradled, it adds.

Since November 2019, the Cuban Council of Ministers approved the National Program against Racism and Racial Discrimination, headed by the President himself.

Among its goals, the initiative seeks to identify the causes that encourage racial discrimination practices and diagnose the possible actions to be developed by territory, locality, branches of the economy, and society.

It also aims to disseminate the historical-cultural legacy of Africa and Cuban cultural diversity and encourage organized public debate on the racial problem within the political, mass, and social organizations and its presence in the media. (RHC)