Thursday, 10 August 2017 22:02

Cuban Authorities Set on Increasing Charcoal Production

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Havana, Cuba.- Cuban authorities called national industry today to increase charcoal production as one of the important lines for exports at present.


A report of the Cuban News Agency (ACN) said today Minister of Agriculture, Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero, commented the relevance of this product during one of his tours in the eastern province of Holguín.

In a meeting with executives of different agricultural branches of this territory, Rodríguez stressed it is necessary to cash on the wide demand of this product in the international market through the rational exploitation of the forest areas available.

After mentioning the progressive increase of financial funds registered in Cuba due to the sale of charcoal to different countries, he called on the sector executives in Holguin to increase their participation in the national program of charcoal production.

The Minister insisted taking into account the low contribution of that Eastern province to apply agile solutions in each agroforest entities to make the most of marabou potentialities, harmful plant to the soil, but with the wood properties required for charcoal production.

The Minister of Agriculture valued programs of food production, topic focus of the meeting to promote productive management and economic efficiency. (PL)

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