The University of Las Tunas graduated 394 young people

A new contribution to society and the development of the province was made by the University of Las Tunas by graduating 394 young people, from different specialties, of the regular day class of the 2021 academic year.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- In the ceremony, held in the Multisport Room of this city, the rector Aurora Ramos de las Heras praised the efforts of professors and students during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic; as well, she praised the results achieved by the graduates and congratulated them and their families.

Some thirty young people received the Gold Title for merits achieved in teaching, research, culture, and sports. The best graduates in the different spheres were recognized, two comprehensive avant-garde students were awarded, and 13 deserved the Scientific Merit Award for their research work.

Belkis Guerra Almaguer, a graduate of Social Communication and one of the integral students, said that, now, she begins her new stage, a period of professional growth and deployment of what she learned during five years of training at the University.

For José Rojas Martínez, a graduate in Artistic Education, another of the best students, he noted that "this is the result of personal commitment in teaching, research, and activism from the Federation of University Students (FEU); as well as in the confrontation with the new coronavirus, one of the battles that the university community faced in the last stage and in which I had the support of the family.”

Roberto Alejandro Ávila Santiesteban, also an integral avant-garde, had similar words and thanked the recognitions that were granted to him and dedicated them to all the people who supported him since he began his career. "The challenge now is to improve me to make my province, my teachers, and my family proud. They deserve it," he said.

The graduation ceremony of the students of the regular day class of the University of Las Tunas is the prelude to the next delivery of their degrees to another 864 young people of the Course for Workers and Distance Education modalities, who will receive them soon, in their respective faculties.

The house of higher studies is an essential entity in the planning of local development, which during its 26 years of work has contributed thousands of professionals in the Social, Technical, Humanistic, and Pedagogical Sciences to the province and the country.