The doctors, with the available resources, join efforts to care for pregnan women

When the calendar wears out the leaves of the sixth month, the Health System, with the guidance of the Maternal and Infant Care Program (PAMI), in Puerto Padre, maintains at zero the mortality rate of live births, after 268 deliveries.

Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.- The dedication and the link between the different sectors mark the path towards good results. Although the country's economic crisis shows its face in the different spheres of society, the doctors, with the available resources, join efforts to implement new solutions.

"From the Municipal Directorate, we are following up and controlling the established plan of measures, as well as the work system. We draw up strategies for each week and we also point out, every day, the cases with the highest risks. We seek to maintain the occupational index of the maternity homes at one hundred percent, for which we individually evaluate the patients in need of admission, especially between the most vulnerable weeks: from 26 to 36. With any morbidity that occurs we immediately activate the specialized medical team, in addition to extending the experiences to the rest of the clinics," acknowledged Dr. Odisa Peña Pérez, PAMI's advisor in the territory.

Dr. Odisa Peña Pérez, PAMI's advisor in Puerto Padre

The specialist also admitted the complexities of exchanging with dissimilar characters, especially when the "pregnant women suffer from various emotions, and despite their desire to become pregnant, they often do not comply with the protocol, commit indiscipline, refuse admission and their families do not cooperate in this situation either. Therefore, it is necessary to call on the population to seek the support we need to make the pertinent decisions and avoid these fateful events. Much can be done in time, but everyone's involvement is urgently needed."

With the incentive of establishing a zero that equals lives, men and women in white coats are committed to preserving the safety of pregnant women in the Villa Azul (Blue Village).