Japan Ambassador visited the Dr. Ernesto Guevara Hospital

With the maxim that the people of Las Tunas feel accompanied by the people of Japan, His Excellency Mr. Hirata Kenji, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Asian nation in Cuba, visited several places of the province and conveyed a message of solidarity, as well as the willingness for new cooperation projects.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The diplomat, accompanied by Yuki Asaka, in charge of Culture, Communication, and Development at the embassy, toured the Dr. Ernesto Guevara General Teaching Hospital and, in exchange with managers and doctors, praised the use given for the donation made by his country to the entity in 2018, of state-of-the-art equipment, valued at around 10 million dollars.

The help, directed mainly at the Pathological Anatomy service, consisted of 26 pieces of equipment, including a variety of high-resolution microscopes and a cryostat to perform intraoperative biopsies, which influences the treatment of cancer patients.

 The Ambassador said he was glad that the people from Las Tunas can benefit
because that is the main goal of the Japan-Cuba bilateral cooperation project.

Ernesto Hernández, head of that department at the hospital, assured that thanks to the donation, they have managed to improve not only the technical quality of the analyzes but also the humanization of the work since the process has been automated by 75 percent.

He pointed out that these devices have benefited more than 32,950 patients and have a direct impact on teaching, by providing residents, in real-time, with the images that specialists diagnose.

The Japanese ambassador learned about the export potential in Las Tunas, mainly dehydrated agricultural products, and fishing, during an exchange with the Integral Agricultural Company (AGROINT), the first importer-exporter in the territory.

Likewise, during his 24-hour visit, he toured the center of this capital city and spoke with the governor, Jaime Chiang Vega, to whom he reiterated Japan's willingness to maintain close relations of friendship and collaboration with the Island.

Japan Ambassador toured Las Tunas downtown
Japan Ambassador toured Las Tunas downtown