No halt to population decrease trend

The population decline trend continues in the province of Las Tunas where -at the end of 2022- 528,853 people resided. Of that total, 267 thousand 232 are men, and 261 thousand 621 are women.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- According to the information offered by the provincial headquarters of the National Statistics and Information Office (ONEI, by its Spanish acronym), the main territory is home to 214,939 inhabitants; this figure confirms it as the one that has grown steadily in the last decade.

After Las Tunas, the most populated municipality is Puerto Padre, with 90,218 citizens. They are followed by "Jesús Menéndez" (46,729), Jobabo (40,345), Majibacoa (40,235), "Amancio" (36,132), "Colombia" (31,482), and Manatí (28,773).

In cities and towns of the province, 358 thousand 585 individuals live while 170 thousand 268 are residents of rural areas.

At the close of the last calendar, the Cuban population amounted to 11 million 89,511 people.