Saving electricity is imperative because of the current situation in the country.

Saving electric energy in State entities during July and August is a vital action to maintain the service without interruptions due to generation capacity. However, there is still indiscipline that goes against these measures.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Eliminating blackouts and saving fuel in electricity generation to use it for economic tasks is an orientation of the Cuban State and Government, so in these two months of massive vacations, all organizations must have their consumption plan disaggregated before the 5th of each month, and if not, the electricity service will be withdrawn.

Of course, the plan is to be strictly complied with, and no facility is authorized to exceed it. And something that must be insisted upon for its compliance is to dispense with air conditioners and all the lights between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm, and from 5:00 pm onwards, during those hours only air conditioning equipment in technologically duly authorized areas will operate.

One of the most drastic but necessary measures is the withdrawal of the administrative electric service (offices) to the violators, whose managers will also be discounted 50 percent of the fuel during the month.

The energy councils of the territory and the municipalities, in addition to the daily discussions, have among their responsibilities the visit to the high consumers, and the detailed discussion with the violators of their plans.

In the companies, any measure to save electric energy must be organized to comply with the load adjustment, because neither the production nor the services can be stopped and the population must not be affected by the withdrawal of service to the residential sector, since according to national guidelines, the planned electric affectations to the provinces due to lack of generation capacity will be in correspondence with the non-compliance of the consumption and demand plans. And this must be avoided with rigor and exigency.