Summer courses are among the initiatives during the summer.

Attention to vulnerable neighborhoods is a priority for the Cuban government, and during the summer months, the protection of those who live there is not neglected. It is for this reason that spaces were opened to support the healthy recreation and learning of its citizens.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Luis Miguel Figueredo Toranzo, delegate of the 147th constituency of the 15th Popular Council in this capital, explained that actions ranging from the opening of summer courses to the attention to vulnerable families have been carried out.

"From the provincial directorate, attention to these communities is not neglected; and the community work groups have gone to every corner to find out about the needs of some of these families and to support them. For the whole community, English, French, German, Portuguese, and computer courses are offered at the Ramón Téllez special school."

"In the neighborhoods, there are recreational activities for children every afternoon, and with the support of INDER colleagues, sports games are organized; this summer we also incorporated the grandparents' circle for the elderly. With Culture, we have coordinated clubs, which include karaoke, and dance competitions, among other events."