The current energy contingency makes it necessary to reduce consumption.

Some measures are applied in the state sector in the country to prevent more blackouts for residential customers, based on an instruction project by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, taking into account the current instability in the entry of fuels to the Island.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- To reduce the impact on the people, 16 provisions will be adopted that aim to reduce energy consumption and make more appropriate use of this type of carriers (diesel and gasoline), according to the contingency demands, Maritza González Llorente, provincial director of the National Office for the Control of the Rational Use of Energy (ONURE), told 26.

“At this point, we are talking about a decrease in consumption, not savings; the actions allow us to achieve this concretely, and it should be noted that these regulations are already part of the province work system.

“Among the first steps, is to identify the productions and services that are not basic to establish their total or partial stoppage during the hours from 11:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon. Overconsumers will have their service cut off in office areas.”

As González Llorente explains, promoting teleworking and distance work, and the use of air conditioners in short periods are among the administrative and technical measures. People have been designated by the Provincial Energy Council, and in the municipalities, to ensure compliance with this program.

“There is also a second part of this project that consists of adopting from the Energy Council, together with the municipal assemblies of the People’s Power and the mass organizations, some measures in the residential area.

“In this aspect, the assurance of the indicators established for the evaluation and operation of the Energy Council at all levels will be vital. The Electric Company must characterize the circuits in each territory and define those with the greatest impact on consumption; the work of political and mass organizations will be concentrated there, with the corresponding monitoring,” the directive concluded.