11th FMC Congress Assembly in Las Tunas.

Change attitudes in the community, get involved in the economic life of the province, and raise the sense of belonging from every sphere of society, for the sake of greater productivity, was the exhortation of Teresa Amarelle Boué, national secretary of the Federation of Cuban Women ( FMC), in the Municipal Assembly 11th Congress of the organization held in Las Tunas.

Teresa Amarelle Boué, FMC Secretary-General.Las Tunas, Cuba.- In truthful brotherhood between veterans and the new generations, the event became a dialogue where the main needs of the female universe these days were raised. Amarelle Boué highlighted the value of the young women, the energy they inject into the FMC, and the ability they have to mobilize the neighborhood for the collective good.

Topics such as the contribution of women to economic life, the pattern of complications caused by pregnancy in adolescence as one of the main social problems, and the care for mothers with three or more children were widely discussed among various voices from both, the urban and rural areas.

Special attention was also given to the province's challenge regarding population aging and older adults in vulnerable situations, focused on the search for more factible alternatives; as well as the fulfillment of the numerical tasks of the organization.

Moraima, a grassroots leader, addressed the role of rural women and their contribution and commitment to food production. For her part, Alina Acanda Cruz, a block secretary-general, reflected on the prevention actions carried out in the community of Río Potrero to achieve positive results and guarantee the safety of the land.

Aleida Best asked to revitalize the training of young leaders.The prominent pedagogue and leader Aleida Best urged to resume actions to train grassroots leaders. Dianelis Tejada agreed with her and praised the work of the young women and the support of the FMC members to vulnerable families in prevention work.

Manuel René Pérez Gallego, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the province, highlighted the work of the women's organization and asked that they advance in their confrontation with the limitations that arise in everyday life.

Pérez Gallego spoke about the importance of socializing the best work experiences and urged strengthening grassroots structures and taking advantage of the neighborhood's potential.

During the assembly, Yudelquis González Henderson was ratified as secretary-general of the FMC in the municipality of Las Tunas; the 150 delegates also selected the 39 members of the Municipal Committee.

Roberto Carlos López Saborit, the first secretary of the PCC in the territory, highlighted the prominence of women in all social tasks and recognized their determination and will to revitalize the organization and adapt it more to current times and demands.

11th FMC Congress Assembly in Las Tunas.

11th FMC Congress Assembly in Las Tunas.

11th FMC Congress Assembly in Las Tunas.