The Caja Extra service gains popularity in Las Tunas.

The popularity of the Caja Extra service in Las Tunas has reached unprecedented levels since the implementation of Resolution 111 of the Cuban central bank.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Since July, both the number of withdrawals made through this system and its financial value have experienced accelerated growth, providing citizens with a faster and more convenient way to access their cash.

In August 2023, this service reached record figures. The total amount withdrawn by this means was over seven million pesos, an increase of 25 percent compared to July.

The phenomenon continued in September, again breaking the 10 million pesos barrier. Although the pace of growth slowed slightly compared to August, the total amount extracted is still overwhelmingly higher than in previous years. In 2022, for example, only withdrawals of around 20 thousand pesos had been made.

This month, the total amount withdrawn through the Caja Extra in Las Tunas has surpassed 30 million pesos.

This exponential growth has generated a significant economic impact in the region, boosting consumption and local commerce. Traders have reported an increase in sales and services, contributing to the dynamism of the Las Tunas economy.

However, this growth also poses regulatory challenges and the need to ensure the security and transparency of transactions conducted through this system.

Financial and regulatory authorities must ensure adequate procedures and controls are in place to prevent abuse and tax evasion.