Metunas retail shop

With the official opening of its retail shop, the Francisco (Paco) Cabrera metal structures company -METUNAS, as it is commercially known- reaffirmed its commitment to the country's economic priorities for this year.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The establishment, located next to the plant itself in the industrial zone of Las Tunas, will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. There, Metunas will offer, among other products: beds, multi-furniture, household utensils, gym equipment, and the manufacture of metal grilles, all made from the cuttings of its main products. The purchase of these products, as well as slow-moving products from the company's warehouses, can always be made by the public in local currency, either in cash or through the Enzona digital platform and later via Transfermóvil.

The existence of the shop is possible thanks to the measures approved by the Cuban government so that state-owned industries can place their products directly on the market. At the same time, it illustrates the purpose of the "Paco Cabrera" to contribute to the advancement of the sectors prioritized by the country's leadership to overcome the economic recession, such as sugar, energy, the construction materials industry, and the Mariel Special Development Zone.

In this regard, this year Metunas made a chimney for the factory of the Francisco (Panchito) Gómez Toro Sugar Company and has continued to make poles for high-voltage electricity lines. In addition, it recently reactivated its cold forming line for metal pipes, after which it has already delivered 700 of 101 millimeters in diameter each and manufactures others of 88 millimeters for the maintenance work being carried out at the cement factory in the province of Cienfuegos.