The sugar harvest is urged of more efforts and commitment

It would be enough to just mention the 33 percent compliance with the sugar production plan of the small harvest (closing on December 31) and the poor rates reached so far in 2021, to realize how urgent it is for Las Tunas to straighten the erratic course of the campaign.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- It is no less true that the out-of-date start-up of the three mills, due to excess humidity in the supplying areas, and the low content of sucrose in the sugarcane juices, together with the lack of parts and tires for trucks and combined cutting machines, collected a significant share of the more than 14,500 tons of sugar left to manufacture in the stage.

Despite this reality, Yoandy Aguilera Tray, director of IT, Communication and Analysis of the Sugar Company, considers that if the harvest had been better organized, the delay would have been less.

"Today - he points out - the main problem of the sugar harvest in Las Tunas is concentrated in that direction." And not precisely because they are still waiting for resources destined to five combined of new technology or because of the frequent breakages of other machines and the punches of the truck tires, but because of the late start of the day and the withdrawal of the squads without fulfilling the daily task.”

As long as the cutting, lifting and transport of the cane continue in the range of 50 percent, as before, the results of the industries will continue to be limited, just when the humidity gives ground and the industrial performance improves its values.

Therefore, it is necessary to attack without delay the causes that originate the shortage of raw material through greater agility in the management of the missing resources, the solution of the breakages of combined machines and other equipment, as well as the elimination of organizational dilemmas.