Recognition to outstanding contributors to livestock development

Aurelio Quiñones Soria, Eugenio Góngora García, and Jorge Luis Rivero Moreno are three men from Las Tunas who are essential for the livestock development of the territory, each one from different positions and responsibilities, but with the common commitment to producing food.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- For their unconditional dedication for many years and the results of their management in favor of the welfare of the people of Las Tunas, the Cuban Association of Animal Production (ACPA, for its acronym in Spanish) presented them with the Award for the Commitment to the Revolution and Livestock.

"Delivering this award for life's work was a difficult process," says Yanelis Garcés Franco, president of the Provincial Branch of ACPA, "because in the territory there are many comrades who deserve it for their systematic work in various tasks.

"Initially, proposals were received from grassroots bodies, from producers, ranchers, or workers with a long working history. Then they were evaluated and sent to Havana, where a decision is made, in attention to the production of different types of livestock.

"In Las Tunas, 13 such recognitions have been given. This year three more will be awarded to outstanding producers of Credit and Service cooperatives."

That of the three recognized is a wide and rich trajectory, forged in studies, research, practical work in the field, decision making, generalization of experiences, management... and most importantly, evident results in different activities related to animal production.

Quiñones Soria has just retired after many years as a Biological Pest Control technician, an agricultural specialist in international projects, a leader in ACPA, and collaborator in the agricultural activity in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Throughout his work in agriculture and ACPA, he developed an intense agricultural extension work, specifically in aspects related to Plant Health and breeding of minor species. His backyard, with poultry, pigs, and rabbits, is proof of this.

"I believe that this recognition is undeserved because I still have a lot to contribute in this daily battle to produce the food that the people need. It is 42 years of work, in which I was always aware of everything and I still learn a lot from the ACPA."

Jorge Luis has been the provincial president of the Cuban Society of Pasture Utilization and Production since 2012 and in that time has maintained close ties with primary producers in various livestock units for the generalization of knowledge.

National and international events, the Venezuelan state of Apure, and the Experimental Station of Pastures and Forages are some of the scenarios in which his management remains, always in defense of different topics of tropical animal production.