Pioneers celebrate the World Environmet Day

Vanesa Castillo dressed up as a parrot; the suit she made helped by her mother and her teacher was in green, red, and other colors. "I like the parrots very much and I wanted something related to the care of the environment," said the pioneer of the Ciro Redondo School Center, located in the municipality of Majibacoa, minutes before the beginning of the first provincial costume festival in defense of the environment, starring by pioneers from various teaching institutions.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Together with the Vanesa, elegant in her hero clothing, her friend Maikel Sánchez told 26 about the meaning of this day. "I am very motivated to be dressed as a firefighter, the suit is made of nylon, plastic bottles, and a hose to throw water. In the future, maybe I can be a firefighter and I think it is necessary to sow trees to live in a better place.”

With allegorical garments to recycling, Dailenis Alfonso Pérez accompanied them in the performance they starred with other characters such as flowers, peasants, butterflies, and a little aborigine that represented the roots of a brave people.

Pioneers celebrate the World Environmet DayAna Alexandra Pérez Tamayo, from the Israel Santos semi-boarding school; and Vanessa Urquiza Álvarez, from the "República de Chile," costumed as rain. With the loquacity and fluency of her age, the latter said: "We made the costume with reusable materials that my mother brought from her work. I dressed in the rain because it is an element of nature and without water, you cannot live; I am very happy to have participated."  

Lis Isabela González Avilés attended with princess-like bearing and a message that, in the voice of the new generations, is balsam and full of hope. "It is unnecessary to throw things that can be used to make other beautiful crafts for many purposes."

"I recycle" was the slogan of the day, Lorena Hernández Pérez said, who dressed up as a unicorn and used newspaper and other elements, with the certainty that "the environment provides us with many of the resources we need to live and without protecting it we would be at risk".

In greeting June 5, the José Martí Pioneer Organization (OPJM) activated the movement Recuperadores del Futuro (Recoverers of the Future), which promotes the collection of raw materials, the planting of trees, the cleaning of community environments, among other essential actions to preserve the ecosystems.

Similarly, the Natural History Hall of the Major General Vicente García González Provincial Museum received students from El Vaquerito semi-boarding school, who found answers to their questions and reasons to continue investigating life on the planet and its preservation.

With a view to the celebration of this Sunday, throughout the provincial geography, talks, exhibitions of the plastic arts, oral narrative and play staging, and other cultural activities inspired by nature are held, to stimulate environmental awareness among the new generations.

Pioneers celebrate the World Environmet Day

Pioneers celebrate the World Environmet Day