Saturday, 06 October 2018 09:53

Jurists of Las Tunas debate on Magna Carta with solid criteria

Written by Roger Aguilera
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Including the socialist principle that "each person should get paid according to their capacity and the work they do", was one of the proposals of the legal professionals of Las Tunas during the today´s debate of the Draft of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The proposal made by Consuelo Rodríguez suggests the drafting of a second paragraph to Article 20, of the title Fundamentals of Economics, based on the socialist ownership of the entire people on the main means of production.
In this criterion, the justice that should prevail in Cuban society is argued so that the person that contributes the most will receives more.
The worker herself expressed the opinion that the people should elect the President and the first Vice President, while the delegates of the Municipal Assemblies should elect the presidents of the Provincial Assemblies of the People's Power, or governors, if it is approved.
Liliana Pérez referred to the fairness of respecting the name that parents give to their children, especially when the parents come from foreign origin; this would lead to modify Law 51.
The Yordanis Álvarez's criterion was the need to include in Article 143 the obligation for all the organisms of the Central State Administration to publish their legal norms in the Official Gazette of the Republic.
Other opinions were based on the protection of animals, especially the horse that are subjected to daily overwork and punishment, without any authority intervening in it.
Several interventions addressed Article 68 from different points of view.
During the two and a half hours of debate, in the legal sector of the province of Las Tunas, criteria were issued that included deletion and modification of paragraphs, drafting and new ideas, in pursuit of the improvement of the Magna Carta, which will be submitted to a referendum throughout the country, after being approved by the Commission created for that purpose.

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