indisioplinaThe social indiscipline in our neighborhoods is an evil that silently, but insistently, corrupts the fundamental essence of our principles.

This problem becomes more alarming when we see the perpetrators of these behaviors acting in an unpunished way in the communities.

The false belief that these social disorders are the lifeline when solving pertinent problems of Cuban family life, limits open confrontation to these phenomena. However, in order to reverse these attitudes, it is necessary to delve into the causes of the matter in order to evaluate, without schematism, why people justify coexistence with illegalities.

The Special Period opened cracks in the families that lived a time with hardly any economic alternatives facing market rules and forms of satisfaction unknown until then.

In this way, tendencies began to develop that changed the content of values such as honesty, responsibility, sincerity, among others; at the same time their interpretation varied in relation to actions that were taken to satisfy individual interests.

In this context, there was a proliferation of loss of perspective on life and a lack of motivation towards work and study, finding means of consumption detached from work.

Today, Cuban society is facing the aftermath of a Special Period that clearly lacerated the ideological seeds of our system and forced us to live among negative attitudes that are common in everyday life.

This circumstance turns crime and social indiscipline into the greatest contentious problem with the loss of indispensable ethical and moral values in any social environment.

The apathy and indifference that we observe in the majority at the time of looking for problems and energetically facing what is badly done is incompatible with the rebellious roots of our people.

To understand that this is a battle, in which we have an implication, is a pending task in our society. The time when we learn how to be able to demand our rights and internalize that no one has the legal power to hoard and then speculate with our own resources, we will end crime and illegalities in our neighborhoods.