Individual responsibility is the key to stop contagions

This time of pandemic wears out. It affects love, the home, where the genesis of life and society is. No one is the same, although we are the same and here, among us, it is more noticeable due to the idiosyncrasy of Cubans and existence itself, always full of quixotic challenges and an "after" that, although it is managerial, is full of daily difficulties.

Each conference of the Ministry of Public Health is a blow of "lime and sand" for the majority. And I say "majority" because in certain situations it is questioned, since the people have before their eyes a piece of evidence that the figures do not illustrate, mainly in the number of confirmed and deceased persons. However, the titanic and respected Dr. Durán is expected and is an indispensable being in the mornings of the country. His word is the law.

Sometimes, in the face of the social disasters that I hear, feel and hear about, I feel that the national director of Epidemiology softens with his tenderness what we must report in black and white. Somehow, people have to understand that Covid-19 is not a game. Even if you survive, the after-effects are as bad as the disease. So, I land on pediatric vaccination, the start of the classroom courses, and all the memories I have of our behaviors.

Will we be able to prevent in schools and childcare centers that children do not comply with the distancing and do not neglect biosafety when we are still not able to do it in queues and public places? Are we not the same? That is to say, in these lines, there are none other than parents, teachers, educators, assistants...

We, in short, the generators of the example and the controllers that the students follow the rules. In black and white, if we succeed, we are the superheroes of circumstances and manners. You understand, don't you?

You may disagree and think that I am questioning a decision that is becoming more and more necessary and cannot be postponed. Wrong. I only want us to internalize that individual responsibility is the key to stop contagions and, fundamentally, to reduce the potential possibility of contracting SARS-CoV-2. Vaccination does not prevent the disease, it helps us to face it with strengthened immunity and keeps us away from other complications.

That needs to be said in no uncertain terms to students at home, in the morning, in the classroom, in the media. We must teach them to be responsible, to take care of their life and health. You cannot instill in them a false protective reality, simulate another environment when there is a deadly and invisible enemy that lurks and kills, and there are hundreds of people without sleep so that no one dies, mainly doctors and nurses. They have to know it in black and white. This has to be spoken out loud, without blushes.

As never before, home and school, parents and teachers, must act with a united fist. That, I believe, will be the success of this school term. A school day design that reflects a wise scheme, an exact synonym of zero contagion. Vaccinate them, yes, but at the same time the most important thing: "The virus is still here and you are responsible for not playing the game."

With discipline and control, without violations or paternalism, Soberana 02 and Soberana Plus will be more. In great moments, great decisions. School is here, welcome, but we are no longer the same. The pandemic is a dangerous monster. It must be confronted in black and white. You know what I mean, right?