Financing of terrorist actions against Cuba. Terrorist actions against institutions continue to be plotted against Cuba from abroad, to undermine the security and tranquility of citizens and subvert the revolutionary process on the island.

Havana, Cuba.- What would happen if any country in the world paid to provoke terrorist acts and sabotage the United States? Their spokesmen would immediately go out to impose their democracy by force of arms. But in the case of Cuba, their actions are very different.

A report broadcasted Friday night by national television gave accounts of attacks with Molotov cocktails, recently carried out against the Court of the municipality of Centro Habana and the provincial headquarters of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), both in this capital city.

The perpetrator Lázaro García, was apprehended and confessed that on social networks he contacted U.S. residents Willy González and Alfredo González, who guided him to commit acts of vandalism against several facilities.

These included state entities, premises of mass organizations, isolated police units, courts, and collective offices, among other targets.

García revealed in the TV report that his sponsors decided where to carry out the attacks from the United States, and the corresponding payment for actions, after his proposals of sites to attack next.

They also planned propaganda actions, sabotage against electric transmission towers in Havana, and attacks against photovoltaic parks in the provinces of Camagüey and the vicinity of Santiago de Cuba and Holguín.

Those who pay for unleashing violence and chaos in Cuba act with total impunity from U.S. soil. They allocate substantial funds to finance terrorist acts in the heart of Cuban society, without any foreign authority taking a position on the matter.

Anti-Cuban groups seek to recruit people in Cuba to carry out terrorist acts on national territory, financed by the United States.

On this occasion, we reveal a counterrevolutionary articulation that establishes links between the New Cuban Nation in Arms (NNCA) and the "influencer" Manuel Milanés.

The New Cuban Nation in Arms has been exposed before on national television. Its main leaders are Willy González and Kiki Naranjo, both residents of the United States. They incite a war in Cuban territory, for which they gather weapons and trained paramilitaries in northern territory. (RHC)