Condoms of different flavors and brands are among the products for sale.

The market for sexual objects is making its way into the urban fabric. If you doubt it, explore any page of buying and selling on social networks and you will see statements (not always discreet) that invite you to acquire condoms of different flavors and brands, dildos, vibrators, whips, vaginas... and other related options.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Although our press team has not found any reports that there are any shops in Las Tunas (understanding this concept as a concrete physical space) dedicated to the commercialization of these articles, it is a fact that these products constitute a very attractive economic niche and that more and more people are dedicated to their marketing.

They are purchased wholesale, both in Shein shops (they claim they are cheaper there) and on Amazon and Temu; they arrive in these lands through travelers who bring them into the country and charge around 10.00 dollars for each pound of the total weight of the purchase and, once in their hands, they sell like hot cakes.

The inquiries of 26 confirmed this and also that the greatest demand is for dildos of different types, that it is the girls who come most often to buy the merchandise, the interest is constant and there are already quite often those who place specific orders for what they require.

Prejudices and taboos aside, the reality is that most experts agree on the advantages of the so-called pleasure technology. They claim that these toys are effective for dilemmas associated with erectile dysfunction, for example, constriction rings are ideal for helping men maintain an erection for longer, make it firmer, and delay ejaculation. They are also associated with improvements in menopause because they help prevent sleep episodes, lower night sweating levels, and increase blood flow in the vagina, which lessens the symptoms of certain conditions, among other benefits.

"Right now it's better to sell vibrators than clothes or shoes. You would be very surprised if I told you how many people write to me privately to ask me about prices, guarantees, and how long it takes to arrive in Cuba after you order them," said a young from Las Tunas who left university and, in search of economic independence, is now an expert in online sales.

From her and other traders, we learned that the prices are high "and that interested pay without much hesitation. You tell them five thousand pesos for a vibrator with three speeds and AA batteries and you realize that they are capable of haggling for other things, but not for that."

The interviewees insist that the absence of such trade in Cuba for decades means that novelty and attractiveness act in favor of sales; although, yes, there are confessed detractors.

"It doesn't happen much, but I have met people who offend me. They call me a pervert, question my attitude to life and even pigeonhole me into this or that sexual orientation; however, it is just another product, what I do is sell it, I don't force anyone to buy it and, if many ask me to bring more, it is because it has a potential market."

Respondents assured 26 that they have never sold devices of this type to teenagers, but neither do they ask the age or ask for identification from their clients, "the business is in selling," so their assertions remain, even for some of them, in the realm of doubt.

We spoke with those who have plans to stabilize sales of certain items and with other young people who see it as a second-hand business, which they will supplement if more in-demand items appear that they can sell from these same platforms.

But beyond that, the key, in the opinion of our press team, is to assume that it is a trade that is already part of our environment (whether we like it or not) and can be, like everything new, a double-edged sword. The dangers include addiction, coming to them too early or with a lack of knowledge of sexuality, and their completely supplanting the value of human contact.

It is an issue that needs to be addressed on multiple fronts, starting with family dialogue, so that the most inexperienced are not overly dazzled; the prejudiced, tolerant, and we all understand that the sexual component is vital to human health, a need that must be listened to, but responsibly.