Eight people died and seven were injured, after the Israel attack against a residential building in Nabatieh.

The candidate for the Presidency of Lebanon, Suleiman Frangieh, denounced the murder of civilians as a consequence of persistent Israeli aggression in the south of the country.

Beirut.- The official wrote on X regretting the death of eight people and seven injured, after the Israel attack against a residential building in Nabatieh. “Killing civilians and unarmed families in their homes is a custom of the enemy (Israel), and last night’s massacre in Nabatieh is heartbreaking,” he wrote, and pleaded for the protection of the people of the south and the Resistance, after more than four months of responding to Israeli crimes in Gaza and Lebanon.

Former Director of General Security Abbas Ibrahim rejected the Zionist brutality and crimes against innocent civilians as a result of the attacks on Lebanese residential neighborhoods, and called for stopping Israel, “a usurping entity that does not hesitate to kill children, babies, women and the elderly.”

The leader of the Lebanese Democratic Party, Talal Arslan, condemned the Israeli aggression, massacres, destruction, and attacks on innocent people, saying that “four months and the world watched and countries supported and covered the Israeli genocide from the north of Gaza to Rafah.”

Deputy Hassan Murad stated for his part that the follies and continuous aggression of Tel Aviv will not pass without a response from the men who have dedicated their lives to defending the homeland and its borders. He summoned the Lebanese government to act quickly before the international authorities to condemn this massacre and hold the brutal entity responsible for the violations of all resolutions.

The vice president of the Shiite Islamic Supreme Council of Lebanon, Ali Al-Khatib, demanded that the United Nations and human rights institutions punish Israel for its crimes and constant violation of international conventions and laws.

The death toll from Wednesday’s Israeli attacks on Lebanon has so far reached 11 civilians. The attacks have caused significant material damage in several southern regions. (PL)