The proposal received 143 votes in favor, nine against and 25 abstentions.

The United Nations General Assembly on Friday approved with 143 votes in favor a resolution that urges the Security Council to address the full membership of Palestine and grants significant changes to its current status.

United Nations.- This time, the proposal, which received nine votes against and 25 abstentions, needed two-thirds of the 193 member States to approve the draft, which was debated at the forum after the United States stopped the process of full admission within the Security Council with the use of its veto power.

The text presented on Friday recommends that the Security Council favorably reconsider the question of Palestine’s membership following Article 4 of the UN Charter.

In addition, it contains an annex that, on an exceptional basis and without setting a precedent, lists significant changes in the status of the State of Palestine at meetings and conferences of the General Assembly, including its order in the list of speakers and seating arrangements.

According to the provisions, this would not only have symbolic importance but would be a change in Palestine’s diplomatic weight within the entire UN system.

The overwhelming approval of the resolution confirmed the international support for a two-state solution to the conflict, adding to the recognition of the Palestinian State by more than 140 UN members.

According to experts, although this step does not grant full membership, the vote is a global survey of support for granting Palestine a full seat at the world’s main political forum. (PL)