Meeting with the purpose of evaluating the strategy to implement in the post-COVID-19 recovery stage.

“Cuban universities have proven to be resilient. In this stage we have transformed, overcome obstacles and faced risks,” expressed on Wednesday the Doctor of Sciences Martha Mesa Valenciano, first deputy minister of the Ministry of Higher Education (MES) during her visit to the University of Las Tunas (ULT), with the purpose of evaluating the strategy to implement in the post-COVID-19 recovery stage.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The vice minister said that in this difficult stage the values of Cuban higher education have been revealed and that acting with responsibility and discipline will be key when teaching activities are restarted. She also pointed out that international organizations such as UNESCO have recognized the provisions adopted in our country in educational matters and the projections that are being drawn today.

During the exchange, the rector of the institution, Aurora Ramos de las Heras, explained the contributions of the ULT in confronting the pandemic in science, as well as in tasks of social impact. It was essential to highlight the incorporation of students and workers from the center into food production, Popular Support Detachments, inquiries, isolation centers, information processing in health command posts and the digitization of the registry of consumers, among other tasks.

The adjustments to the base curriculum and the variants developed for the entry, continuity and completion of studies were modeled according to the particularities of each area, argued the Rector. She said that the institution is ready for when it is prudent to return to the classrooms. It will be staggered, with the accommodation of spaces and schedules to avoid overcrowding and keeping teleworking and other distance working modalities active, with due control and planning.

On the other hand, Reynaldo Velázquez Zaldívar, director of Undergraduate Training of the MES, stressed the importance of strengthening ties with all the institutions of the Ministry of Education. This would guarantee enrollment in University College careers. He also pointed out that this is a period of maximum creativity, so it is up to the groups to consolidate the adjustments conceived by the center.

Ph.D. Velázquez Zaldívar, emphasized the need to bet on distance education through the use of technological platforms and guarantee the ways and mechanisms to provide the necessary materials to students for their independent study.

The visit of representatives of the Ministry of Higher Education to the University of Las Tunas is part of a tour of Cuban universities until June 16, with the aim of providing accurate advice in the face of the new stages of work that lie ahead.